1-20-24 Athletics Update

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Spring Tryout Dates

  • Spirit Squad—Feb 28 in the ballroom. Parent Meeting March 1 in the ballroom. Fee: $300.
  • HS Track and Field—March 4 at 3:30pm. Parent meeting March 4th 5:00 pm in HS Commons. Fee: $225
  • MS Track and Field—March 13 at 3:30 pm Parent Meeting March 4th 5:00 pm HS Commons. Fee: $225
  • Girls HS Golf—Feb 26-27 at Fox Hollow 3:30 pm Parent meeting Feb 29th 5:00 HS Commons (Must have played at least five 18-hole rounds in the last year OR have an established handicap OR be in the curricular golf class to be eligible for tryouts.) Fee: $400
  • Boys HS Soccer—Feb 26th 3:30-5pm. Parent Meeting Feb 27th 5:00 pm. Fee: $500
  • Boys HS Tennis—Feb. 26 3:30–5:30 p.m. $375
  • MS Boys (6–8) and Girls (6–9) UYT tennis—All are welcome to join, no prior experience with tennis required! 17 practices (including five 2-hour Co-ed practices on Saturday). Fee: $250. We acknowledge that this costs more than UYT but we are holding 5 more practices than UYT offers.
    • Practices: Girls M/W, Boys T/TH. Matches every Friday at 3:30 p.m. Co-ed Saturdays.
    • Season starts March 11. Practice ends April 26. Post season tournaments April 27-May 11 (State tournament)
    • MS Tennis is looking for a parent volunteer coach for the girls team to help their staff (volunteer coaching hours count toward annual required AHS parent volunteer hours!). Contact Coach Candice Beckwith. Also looking to hire a paid head coach for the boys team. To apply, click here.
  • Boys HS Volleyball—Come help the AHS boys defend our state championship! No experience necessary. We will have open gyms in February, and official practices start on 2/27 4–6:30 p.m. in the PAC. Please reach out if you want to play: Coach Rob Mendenhall 801-652-7599 to text/call or by email to rmendenhall@ahsmail.com for more information. Fee: $450
  • MS Girls soccer—Mar. 4 at 3:30 p.m. on the grass soccer field. $325
  • Spring Basketball—April 1, 2–3 practices per week with games on Saturdays (Students are encouraged to participate in in-season spring sports even if they also would like to do spring basketball.) Fee: $300

Paying participation fees: Fees can be paid in the Veracross Parent Portal under the “Payments” tab. Links will be live there soon.

Competition Schedules: All sports game schedules can be found on the AHS Athletics Calendar. The games will be added to the schedule as soon as each team’s schedule is finalized.

Practice Schedules: Most varsity teams will hold practice M–F on days they do not have competitions. Subvarsity teams may practice less often, depending on several factors.

Team Communications: Teams create chat groups using apps like Ollie, GroupMe, or WhatsApp to share detailed and up-to-date information. Once students make a team, they will be added to the team chat. Parents can also join team chats. In some cases, player and parent chats will be separated so parents only receive vital communications and not the day-to-day chatter of the team chat.


  • Students may participate in more than one spring sport if BOTH coaches agree to make accommodations to make that possible.
  • The AHS Full Participation Policy allows students to participate in athletics AND choir or orchestra but not drama. Students need to choose between playing a spring sport or being in a spring drama production. The AHS policy also means that all students will have the opportunity to participate on a team each season. In most cases, student athletes will be able to participate in their preferred sport. With more than 40 teams across nine sports, we make a very concerted effort to create a spot for all students. But due to limitations to team size, coaches’ bandwidth, and to provide a positive experience for players, student athletes may be offered an alternative sport to participate in. In the fall, the alternative sport is cross country. In the winter and spring, the alternative sport is Track and Field. Depending on the team situation, a coach may form a JV or developmental team. Playing time is an earned privilege, not a right. Though a student may make a team, he or she may or may not see significant playing time in games. Coaches make these decisions based on what is in the best interest of the team.

AHS-affiliated Community Athletics Programs (not operated by AHS)

  • Soelberg Track Club, open to AHS elementary students and students from the community at the AHS track. Registration closes March 1. Season from April to June. Fee: $315. For details, click here.
  • Soccer Shots, open to AHS elementary students and students from the community. Soccer Shots at AHS is a curriculum-focused program teaching youth the fundamentals of soccer in a fun game-based environment. Each class teaches character traits like respect, confidence, and teamwork. Classes are held immediately after school and go for 8 weeks starting February 27th. Cost: $140 + $20 annual registration fee. More info here.

Questions? Please reach out to our coaches or athletic administrators!

Girls Golf, 9–12 (UHSAA)

Track and Field, 7-12 (UHSAA)

Soccer, Girls 6-8 (UCSSAL)

Soccer, Boys 9-12 (UHSAA)

Spirit Squad 7-12

Tennis, Boys 9-12 (UHSAA)

MS Tennis, Boys 6–8 and Girls 6–9 (UYT)

Volleyball, Boys 9-12 (UHSAA)

AHS Athletics Administration

Do you have questions, comments, commendations, or concerns about athletics at AHS? Please see the descriptions of the athletics administrative team below to determine who to contact. Each sport is overseen by a member of the athletics administration. You can contact the administrator or the coach for a specific sport. While each administrator has specific assignments, they collaborate and counsel about all aspects of the program.

  • David Buer, Assistant Principal for Athletics | Creates and implements the vision, processes, and policies of the extracurricular athletics program at AHS. Focuses on culture development for players, coaches, and fans.
    • Specific sport assignments: boys and girls HS golf, spirit squad, MS tennis
  • Yahosh Bonner, Athletic Director | Directs the day-to-day operations of the extracurricular athletics program at AHS. Heads up league communications and compliance.
    • Specific sport assignments: boys and girls HS volleyball, boys and girls MS and HS track & field, boys and girls MS and HS cross country, HS baseball, boys and girls MS soccer, USSA and 9th grade boys and girls basketball, MS tennis
  • Paora Winitana, Assistant Athletic Director, Director of Coach Development & Director of Basketball Operations | Assists with the day-to-day operations of the extracurricular athletics program at AHS as well as coach and player development.
    • Specific sport assignments: boys and girls HS tennis, boys and girls HS soccer, all UHSAA 10–12 boys and girls basketball teams, all Bantam basketball teams
  • Kimberly Gibbs, Athletics Admin. Assistant | Athletics finances, logistics, scheduling

For more information, head to our Athletics Overview Page