What is Experiential Learning Week?

Normal course schedules are suspended as students get up from their desks, often leave campus, and engage in multiple, consecutive days of project-based, experiential discovery and learning. Students choose from among a host of course offerings designed by passionate instructors. Course offerings cover a diverse array of interest areas, sometimes representing a deeper dive within an instructor’s teaching focus, other times representing exposure to an instructor’s hobbies and curiosities.

In programming their itinerary, Instructors leverage the help of local businesses and universities, craftsman, guest speakers, professionals, and other subject-matter experts. Regardless of what subject is being covered or who is facilitating the learning, the common denominator across all experiential-learning courses is that students get to touch, taste, handle, direct, climb, process, experiment, play, launch, discover, create, and otherwise experience every aspect the learning process.

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At American Heritage, experiential learning is more than just an occasional, week-long program in which students engage–it is a method we seek to infuse throughout the year. Teachers, who are the creators of their curriculum, are constantly looking for ways to decrease lecture-based learning in favor of more activity-based learning.