American Heritage School is accredited by both the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) and AdvancED. Accreditation affords AHS all the benefits of accreditation provided to public and private schools recognized by the Utah State Office of Education. It also joins AHS to a national, collegial community of high quality independent schools, teachers, and administrators who network, collaborate, and share best practices.

One of the most significant benefits of accreditation is school wide engagement in a recurring “self study” process, by which the school reflects on its best practices and areas needing improvement, and then harnesses broad participation of the school community in the examination of strengths and weaknesses. The self study is an important vehicle for ongoing self-improvement and is one assurance that American Heritage School is advancing through a reflective, mission-driven process and is continually assessing itself on robust standards for success. The self study results in many practical improvements and demonstrates the school’s commitment to ongoing progress.

Additionally, AHS courses meet NCAA standards for collegiate student athletes.

For information related to NWAIS and AdvancED, please visit their websites at NWAIS.org and advanc-ed.org. If you have questions related to accreditation or would like to participate in our self study process, please contact our Head of School, Mr. Grant Beckwith, at gbeckwith@ahsmail.com or 801-642-0055 at 801-642-0055.