A Best of State Experience

The Lyceum Youth Orchestras at American Heritage School include six ensembles to meet each student at the threshold of their abilities. Our flagship ensemble, the Lyceum Philharmonic, has been recognized by the Best of State organization as Utah’s premier orchestra annually since 2008. The Philharmonic has been featured on PBS; recorded for SONY Masterworks; has performed on some of the largest, most-exclusive stages in the world; released multiple No. 1 iTunes singles with both The Piano Guys and Paul Cardall; received numerous awards; and has entertained and inspired millions worldwide on YouTube. In all endeavors, this high-school-aged student ensemble strives toward its three-fold mission:

  • Inspire — nurture a love of elevated music, increased faith, and patriotism through purposeful events and media
  • Instruct — develop self-discipline, skills, and character through transformational teaching and professional-level experience and interaction
  • Impact — awaken individuals, families and communities to the power of music to change hearts and minds while fulfilling divine potential

“The Lyceum Orchestras Program is an incomparable combination of everything that music is meant to be — joy, refinement, belonging, and fun. It offers kids the kind of opportunities that make music exciting and cool. It provides an environment that isn’t blindly affixed upon purposeless perfection, but rather a more selfless pursuit of excellence. My favorite part of Lyceum is its inherent spirituality. There is a special feeling suggesting a profound development not only of the body and mind, but of the soul.”

— Steven Sharp Nelson, The Piano Guys

Unparalleled Opportunity

Beyond the opportunity to record albums, launch YouTube videos, and perform in top-tier venues, we program opportunities for student musicians to be mentored by and perform with a wonderful array of guest artists. The most recent set of opportunities have included:

  • Marie Osmond & David Osmond — December 2017, An American Heritage Christmas concert
  • Nathan Pacheco — August 2017, Lyceum Music Festival, filming Amazing Grace music video and performing at the OC Tanner Amphitheater
  • Gentri & Lexi Walker — December 2016, An American Heritage Christmas concert
  • Paul Cardall & Nathan Pacheco — September 2016, filming and performing One By One, lyrics by Elder David A. Bednar, in the Tabernacle at Temple Square
  • Simply Three — August 2016, Lyceum Music Festival, filming Mambo music video and performing at the Zermatt Resort

Other artists whose collaborations predate those listed above include: The Piano Guys, David Archuleta, Jackie Evancho, Jenny Oaks Baker, The 5 Browns, and Dallyn Vail Bayles, among others.

Join Us!

Due to increased demand for our advanced ensembles, we are happy to announce the addition of a sixth orchestra — Concert Orchestra. This ensemble will serve wind, brass, percussion and string players 8-12th grade. With six audition-only ensembles, we are able to place most students in an orchestra that meets the student at the threshold of their abilities.