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American Heritage School welcomes international applicants for grades 9–12.

American Heritage School’s international student admissions process is outlined below:

We encourage all students to review the school’s website, correspond with the admissions office, and request a tour (if possible). Families can learn about upcoming events from the school’s homepage. AHS videos about the school’s mission and culture that you may wish to watch include: Spreading Light: The Vision and Mission of American Heritage School (6:30), AHS Student Life(3:45), and Parent and Student Orientation (17:26). American Heritage School admits international students whose educational goals are aligned with the School’s mission statement. Families should become familiar with the School’s values and educational aims as outlined in the School’s mission statement. Applicants should be able to read, write, and speak academic English and discuss what they read without hesitation. Students who cannot read and discuss academic texts fluently should attend another English-speaking school for at least one year before applying. Please see the below English proficiency requirements for International Students (Step 2).

Please complete American Heritage School’s online application. Applicants are considered for admission only after the online application is submitted with all requested supporting documentation. Before beginning the online application, please gather and be prepared to upload the following:

  1. Application fee – $110 USD
  2. Student Photo
  3. Student Questionnaire
  4. Demographic Information
  5. International Form
  6. Bank account balance statement showing sufficient funds to pay tuition, living expenses, uniform expenses, and other fees (typically at least $30,000 USD or an equivalent amount).
  7. Honor Code Statement
  8. Birth Certificate
  9. Immunization Records
  10. Transcript for all high school years or last year of schooling if entering 9th grade – All International students applying to grades 10-12 are required to have transcripts converted to United States educational equivalents using the I.E.R.F Credentials Evaluation Service.  This can be requested at the following link: https://www.ierf.org/for-individuals/standard-application/services-fees/. Please request a “Detail Report” (also known as course-by-course report), then submit via to American Heritage Admissions Office as part of the application. The approximate cost for this report is $165.Sample Detail Report
  11. Parent photos
  12. TOEFL iBT Exam Score (upload) – The minimum TOEFL score that we accept for 9th grade entry is 64, 10th grade entry is 67 and 11th and 12th grade entry is 70. American Heritage School’s designated TOEFL institution code is C245.

Academic assessments are administered by a member of the Admissions department. Typically, this is done via an online platform such as Zoom and will need to be scheduled through the AHS Admissions Office.  An academic assessment helps American Heritage School learn in what ways it can support the student and family. The full intake assessment will require approximately 2–3 hours and will test a student’s Math and English writing skills. Applicants receive personal feedback within a few weeks following the assessment.

After completing your online application and assessments, please contact the AHS Admissions Office to request an interview. The prospective student and parents should attend the interview together, whenever possible. Virtual interviews may be conducted for international students and their parents living outside of the United States.

Applicants may be admitted, placed on a waitlist, or declined admission. Students must accept their offer for admission by completing the enrollment process (signing policies and contract). Students who accept their offer for admission will receive via email a signed Form I-20 that must be shown to a U.S. Consulate and must pay an I-901 Processing Fee of $200 (USD) to receive F-1 Student Visa status. If a student is transferring from another SEVP-approved school, an I-20 transfer request will be placed by AHS.

Families or agents arrange local host-family accommodations. Home-stay negotiations and arrangements are the sole responsibility of the student’s family or agent and the host family—NOT American Heritage School. Home-stay with any local family is acceptable. American Heritage School provides a host family list for convenience only. Please contact our Admissions Office at admissions@ahsmail.com.

Parents and hosts should become and remain involved in their international student’s educational experience. Tips for supporting your student in their AHS education include, but are not limited to:

  • Make sure your student attends school every day on time and that your student completes his or her homework every day.
  • Check your student’s grades regularly. After an international student is admitted to American Heritage School, parents and hosts receive access to Veracross (our student information system). Bookmark this page on your computers and personal electronic devices so you can check grades and attendance conveniently and regularly.
  • Read the principal’s weekly schoolwide emails. These will help you feel the school culture and stay informed about upcoming events.
  • Attend or watch Foundations Training (this is required), two parent meetings at the beginning of each semester (also required), and parent-teacher conferences (very highly recommended). The calendar indicates dates for Foundations Training, parent-teacher conference, and parent meeting dates.
  • Read the the AHS Foundations Guide (required).
  • Beyond your students required reading at school, make sure your student reads for 20 to 30 minutes daily in English for pleasure at home. Your student can read aloud, be read to, or read to him or herself.
  • Contact teachers or staff when you are concerned or have a question about your student.
  • Read email and other communication from the teachers carefully.
  • Ask your student every day about upcoming homework, deadlines, and events.
  • Encourage your student to become involved in extracurricular activities. Attend your student’s performances. Congratulate them on a job well done.
  • Limit your student’s TV, video game, and social media time, and make sure your student is well-rested. Establish and maintain curfews and bedtimes.
  • Provide study space, reading and math materials, and learning opportunities for your student in your home and through your library, church, and community.
  • Volunteer in your student’s class when possible.
  • Read and refer to the Parent Handbook, as needed.

As part of the terms and conditions of enrollment, all students and their parents, or host parents, are asked to provide service to the school. Currently, parents and host parents are required to provide a minimum of 30 hours of service per academic year per family. The school depends on parent participation for everything from lunchroom assistance to special event costumes and set design. Parents who have not completed their service hour requirement by April will be contacted by administration to discuss plans for fulfilling the minimum service hour commitment, which is a condition for re-admission to the school each new school year, and which is a significant factor in granting parent requests for specific teachers.

Service to the school is required for the following reasons: (1) Parents serving at the school demonstrate to children that education is a joint effort between parents, children, and the school; (2) Personal service to the school engenders a sense of ownership on the part of those rendering the service, resulting in better treatment of and respect for the school facilities; (3) Service reduces the need to hire additional help, which subsequently reduces the cost for all patrons; and (4) Personal service to the school helps develop character traits such as stewardship, gratitude, and responsibility.

All service hours should be recorded online as they are rendered. Service hours can be appropriately recorded for virtually any assistance rendered while on campus or while off campus in conjunction with school-related activities. The online service-hour log is located on Veracross under your Parent Service & Training Record (available only to admitted families).

We are happy to assist families and agents at any time. Please do not hesitate to call us directly to arrange a tour, phone interview, video interview, or otherwise request assistance. Please contact our Admissions Office at admissions@ahsmail.com, or by calling (801) 642-0055 x 1310.