Singing is an indispensable part of American Heritage where we are regularly reminded that special experiences are reserved for those who memorize and sing sacred lyrics. Choir is standard in the schedules for students in grades K-7. For students in grades 8-12, various curricular choir opportunities are among several elective options.

After School Choirs

American Heritage School sponsors an after-school choir program whose purpose is to build musical excellence and enduring faith in the lives of individuals through uplifting and sacred choral music. Three choirs accommodate youth of varying ages and skill levels (Grades 1-12).  Although the choir is sponsored by American Heritage School, enrollment is open to all students, regardless of school affiliation. If you would like more information about the choirs, or to learn how to join, visit the Enrollment page.

Choir Tour

Each Summer, Heritage Youth Chorus members have the opportunity to travel out of state to perform musical firesides. Students perform a program that combines sacred music, personal experiences, and heartfelt testimony of the gospel. These excursions not only edify and uplift their audiences, but they reinforce the youth in ways that are counted among the most poignant of teenage memories. Previous tour themes and itineraries have included:

  • 2019 — Voices of Faith (Illinois, Ohio, Missouri)
  • 2018 — Peace in Christ (California)
  • 2017 — I Believe in Christ (North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia)
  • 2016 — From Cumorah’s Hill (Oregon and Washington)
  • 2015 — These are the Days (Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio)
  • 2014 — Standing for Something (Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona)
  • 2013 — True to the Faith (Nebraska, Missouri, and Wyoming)

Do you live too far away to participate in the Heritage Youth Choirs? Apply to be a part of the HYC Touring Choir!

See the Choir experience for each grade level:


7th Grade
8th Grade