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Latest Patriot Athletics Update

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In addition to the sports camps, there may be additional opportunities for AHS high school students to play in preparation for the AHS upcoming sports seasons. Some teams will be doing activities over the summer, and some will not. Please reach out directly to our AHS coaches/administrators if you would like more information and to be added to the team group chats where summer details and updates are shared. Contact info for coaches is further below.

The AHS WayThe Patriot Athletics Heritage

When AHS student athletes wear the Patriot jersey, they become part of a rich legacy of Christian athletics. We believe Christian-focused athletics to be one of the most powerful tools to accomplish both victories on the field and in the heart—with becoming better disciples and servants of Jesus Christ the paramount goal.

Before joining the UHSAA, AHS maintained membership in several leagues designed for charter schools and private schools. The Patriots saw success in those leagues, winning many state championships in a variety of sports. In 2018, AHS joined the UHSAA and has already collected both individual and state titles, region championships, and individual accolades across all of our sports. We continue to pursue athletic excellence for our more than 40 teams across nine sports thanks to our top-tier facilities (completely donor funded) and mission-minded coaches who are among the best in their field.

For an in-depth look at our philosophy, principles and practices for our extracurricular programs, please read our handbook, The AHS Way.

You can also check out this video to see what our student-athletes have to say about our athletic programs.

We have a number of high-level, seasoned coaches who instill not only skills and drive, but they also focus on developing Christian character through athletics. Sports offer a unique opportunity to fulfill the mission of AHS to develop the heart, mind and body of our students, and we are excited for students to take advantage of these fantastic programs.”

AHS Athletics Administration

Do you have questions, comments, commendations, or concerns about athletics at AHS? Please see the descriptions of the athletics administrative team below to determine who to contact. Each sport is overseen by a member of the athletics administration. You can contact the administrator or the coach for a specific sport. While each administrator has specific assignments, they collaborate and counsel about all aspects of the program.

  • David Buer, Assistant Principal for Athletics | Creates and implements the vision, processes, and policies of the extracurricular athletics program at AHS. School communications. Focuses on culture development for players, coaches, and fans.
    • Specific sport assignments: boys and girls HS golf, spirit squad, MS tennis
  • Yahosh Bonner, Athletic Director | Directs the day-to-day operations of the extracurricular athletics program at AHS. Heads up league communications and compliance.
    • Specific sport assignments: boys and girls HS volleyball, boys and girls MS and HS track & field, boys and girls MS and HS cross country, HS baseball, boys and girls MS soccer, USSA and 9th grade boys and girls basketball, MS tennis
  • Paora Winitana, Assistant Athletic Director, Director of Coach Development & Director of Basketball Operations | Assists with the day-to-day operations of the extracurricular athletics program at AHS as well as coach and player development.
    • Specific sport assignments: boys and girls HS tennis, boys and girls HS soccer, all UHSAA 10–12 boys and girls basketball teams, all Bantam basketball teams
  • Kim Hughes, Athletics Admin. Assistant | Athletics finances, logistics, scheduling

Sportsmanship at AHS

AHS fans are expected to adhere to the highest levels of sportsmanship, grace, and fellowship at both home and away games. Adult AHS fans should model this behavior as an example to our younger fans. We should cheer for our team and not against the other team. We should not direct negative comments to anyone, including referees, coaches, players, or other fans. PLAYERS play. COACHES coach. OFFICIALS officiate. FANS lift. Always remember the purpose of AHS athletics is to teach life lessons that help our student athletes build a foundation for life as disciples of Jesus Christ. The pursuit of excellence is part of that foundation, yet when viewed with this perspective, “winning the game” is put into its proper place.

Full Participation Policy

The AHS full participation policy means that all students will have the opportunity to participate on a team each season. In most cases, student athletes will be able to participate in their preferred sport. But due to limitations to team size, coaches’ bandwidth, and to provide a positive experience for players, student athletes may be offered an alternative sport to participate in. In the fall, the alternative sport is cross country. In the winter and spring, the alternative sport is Track and Field. Depending on the team situation, a coach may form a JV or developmental team. Playing time is an earned privilege, not a right. Though a student may make a team, he or she may or may not see significant playing time in games. Coaches make these decisions based on what is in the best interest of the team.

The Full Participation Policy also prohibits students from participating in both a drama production and a sport in the same season. Students may, if both coaches agree, participate in two sports in the same season. The may also do a sport and ballroom, choir, or orchestra. For full details, click here.

League Information

  • Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) 2A classification (except as noted) – uhsaa.org
    • Fall sports: High School Girls and Boys Cross Country, High School Baseball (1A), High School Boys Golf, High School Girls Soccer, High School Girls Tennis (3A), High School Girls Volleyball
    • Winter Sports: High School Girls and Boys Sophomore, Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball (Boys 3A), Spirit Squad (non-competitive)
    • Spring Sports: High School Girls and Boys Track and Field, High School Girls Golf, High School Boys Soccer, High School Boys Tennis (3A), High School Boys Volleyball
  • Utah School Sports Association (USSA) Varsity Sports – ussasports.org
    • Winter sports: High School Girls and Boys Basketball
  • Utah Charter and Small School Athletic League (UCSSAL) – ucssal.org
    • Fall Sports: Middle School Boys Soccer
    • Spring: Middle School Girls Soccer
  • Alpine School District – alpinedistrictathletics.com
    • Fall Sports: Middle School Girls and Boys Cross Country
    • Winter Sports: 9th grade Girls and Boys Basketball
    • Spring Sports: Middle School Girls and Boys Track and Field
  • Utah Bantam Basketball – ucbantam.com
    • Winter Sports: 4th-8th Grade Basketball
  • Off-Season Training
    • Winter Sports: Middle and High School Girls and Boys Winter Track training

AHS-affiliated Community Athletics Programs (not operated by AHS)

  • Soelberg Track Club, open to AHS elementary students and students from the community at the AHS track. Registration closes March 1. Season from April to June. Fee: $315. For details, click here.
  • Soccer Shots, open to AHS elementary students and students from the community. Soccer Shots at AHS is a curriculum-focused program teaching youth the fundamentals of soccer in a fun game-based environment. Each class teaches character traits like respect, confidence, and teamwork. Classes are held immediately after school and go for 8 weeks starting February 27th. Cost: $140 + $20 annual registration fee. More info here.

5 Steps to Join an Athletic Team at AHS

  1. Get a current sports physical/health exam. This Health Exam and Consent Form may be taken to your physician for them to sign.
    1. For UHSAA sports teams, the health exam must be dated on or after March 10th for the upcoming school year and should be completed before tryouts.
    2. For non-UHSAA sports teams, the health exam must be dated within a year from the start of the sports season to be valid and should be completed before tryouts.
  2. Register your athlete
    1. For UHSAA teams –  registration is at RegisterMyAthlete.  You will need to create an account or login if you already have an account. This is where you will upload your health exam and consent form, a birth certificate, and complete other registration forms required for participation.
    2. For non-UHSAA teams – athletes will need to upload their health exam here: Completed Health Exam Upload (Only for Non-UHSAA players*) Print these forms, fill them out and turn them into your coach.
      1. AHS Honor Code
      2. Participant Waiver
      3. Commitment Form
      4. Uniform Policy Commitment Form
  3. Attend tryouts. Tryouts enable coaches to evaluate athlete talent and assign players to an appropriate team, get to know the players, and begin establishing relationships with the athletes. Often there is no gap between tryouts and when practices begin. Cross Country and Track & Field do not have official tryouts as they primarily rely on individual performance and time trials. Team selection will be announced by the coach following tryouts
  4. Make payment
    1. All athletes for every league can pay via Payment Links on Veracross. Payment may be made after tryouts are completed and team rosters have been created.
    2. Team schedules will be found on the Veracross calendar and will also be communicated to families through the coach. Teams usually create a “team chat” using apps like Ollie, GroupMe, or WhatsApp where the most up-to-date information is shared.
  5. Attend the parent meeting. Parents should make every effort to attend the parent meeting at the beginning of the season.

AHS Athletics Financial Aid

We seek to support all students who wish to participate in AHS extracurricular activities, regardless of their family’s financial situation. If financial constraints would prohibit your child from participating, we invite you to apply for financial aid using the confidential form below.

Extracurricular Program Application for Financial Aid

Baseball, 9-12 (UHSAA)

Cross Country, 6-12 (UHSAA)

Boys Golf, 9–12 (UHSAA)

Boys Soccer, 6-8 (UCSSAL)

Girls Soccer, 9-12 (UHSAA)

Tennis, Girls 9-12 (UHSAA)

MS Tennis, Boys 6–9 and Girls 6–8 (UYT)

Volleyball, 9-12 Girls Varsity (UHSAA)

UHSAA Varsity Basketball Teams

UHSAA JV Basketball Teams

  • JV Girls, Coach Ellie Stafford
  • JV Boys, Coach Levi Rasmussen

UHSAA Sophomore Boys Basketball Team

  • TBD

Freshman Boys Basketball Team

  • TBD

USSA Basketball Teams

MS and Elem. Bantam Basketball Teams

  • Contact Paora Winitana, Director of Basketball Operations, for more information

Spirit Squad 7-12

Girls Golf, 9–12 (UHSAA)

Track and Field, 7-12 (UHSAA)

Soccer, Girls 6-8 (UCSSAL)

Soccer, Boys 9-12 (UHSAA)

Tennis, Boys 9-12 (UHSAA)

MS Tennis, Boys 6–8 and Girls 6–9 (UYT)

Volleyball, Boys 9-12 (UHSAA)