Our mission statement mandates that we concern ourselves with educating “the minds, the hearts, and the bodies of students” and help them to “develop character and self-discipline of mind and body” (emphasis added).  While many educational institutions have reduced time away from books and desks in their effort to optimize outcomes for standardized tests, we know that movement and physical activity are critical for emotional wellbeing, social-skill development, and scholarship.  You heard that correctly; we believe that 45 minutes in the classroom preceded by 15 minutes of recess is superior to 60 minutes in the classroom with no previous recess.  

Students in grades 6-12 are afforded the opportunity to choose from a broad array of physical-education electives including ballroom dance, yoga, and strength & conditioning.  Students in K-6 have physical education and recess built into their schedule in such a way that they get their heart rate up three times each day (once in the morning, once during their lunch period, and once in the afternoon).

Our program for developing a vibrant culture of athleticism has three component parts:

After-school, Competitive Athletics

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Students in grades 6-12 can engage in intramural play in volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer. 

PAL League Schedule is as follows:
September-October Flag football and Soccer
November-December Volleyball and Basketball
January-February ping pong, Dodge ball
April-Spud ball, Ultimate Frisbee

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