Teachings of the Restored Gospel

American Heritage strengthens teachings of the restored Gospel throughout our academic curriculum in a variety of ways. For example, teachers gather every morning to sing a hymn, pray and listen to a brief devotional before beginning classroom instruction. Homeroom teachers begin each day in class with a morning devotional for the students and each grade presents a class devotional once per year for the entire School.

The Hand of God in Every Subject

Moral and religious education is incorporated daily in every class and every subject – not as a separate subject and not in a separate location. Students read a large variety of literature from Shakespeare to Tolstoy to writings of the prophet Joseph Smith. All literature that we study is virtuous, of the highest academic standards, original source material and teaches moral truths. A providential view of history is taught and re-enforced through the use of timelines in each classroom that begin with pre-mortal life, continue with developments in the Bible and Book of Mormon as well as world and American history and end with the Second Coming. Additionally, students are taught to see the hand of God particularly in the establishment and preservation of America through stories that are shared from American history.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence and preparation for a successful college experience is taught through use of methodology referred to at the school as the 4R-ing method (Research, Reason, Relate, and Record). This method teaches students not just to memorize and regurgitate information but to read and understand difficult literature, reason and discern between truth and error, apply truths learned to their own lives and write persuasively and coherently. Nationally recognized curriculum such as Saxon math, Riggs phonics and A Beka Language are used for instruction.

Homeroom subjects taught at American Heritage include reading, mathematics, history, geography, science, and language arts. Specialty subjects include art, a choral music program, physical education, ballroom, student government, foreign languages and various sports.

A wide variety of course offerings are available to high school students across English, history, math, arts, languages, and STEM courses such as science courses, engineering maker spaces and an on-campus space simulator.