Baseball, grades 9–12July 25th, 7–8:30 a.m.Fee: $475Head Coach: Blake Jansenbjansen@ahsmail.comCell: 512-216-3596Cross Country, grades 6–12We will be meeting three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). There are NO tryouts. Anyone who wants to be on the team should join us as soon as they can at practice. We will meet out at the school track starting at 9 a.m. on July 11th and practice will go for about an hour and a half.Fee: $195Head Coach: Sam Woodswood@ahsmail.comCell: 801-289-6703Boys Soccer, grades 6–8Sept 8th, 3:30–5 p.m.Fee: $325Head Coach: Mauricio Hinajosamhinojosa@ahsmail.comCell: 801-319-4710Girls Soccer, grades 9–12July 25th, 8–9:30 a.m.Fee: $475Head Coach: Aimee Holmesaholmes@ahsmail.comCell: 801-636-1738Girls Tennis, grades 9–12August 1st, 8:30–10 a.m.Fee: $375Head Coach: Juanita Andersonjuanderson@ahsmail.comCell: 435-231-4108Ultimate Frisbee, grades 6–9Sept 7th, 3:30–5 p.m.Fee: $175Head Coach: Jake Clarkjaclark@ahsmail.comCell: 801-721-4750Girls Volleyball, grades 9–12August 1st, 11 a.m.–1 p.m.Fee: $450Head Coach: Mike Muainammuaina@ahsmail.com801-319-8864Boys Volleyball, grades 9–12August 9th, 4–5:30 p.m.Fee: $450Head Coach: Robert Mendenhallmendenro@gmail.comCell: 801-652-7599