Updated December 2022

American Heritage School takes the following approach to COVID-19, flu, and other infectious illnesses:

Prevention. We encourage staying home when ill, frequent hand washing, respiratory etiquette, healthy diet, adequate rest, frequent hydration, and other important health and safety practices. We comply with Utah State vaccination requirements for schools. Although not a required vaccination, we also encourage COVID-19 vaccination in consultation with competent, professional medical counsel, and we defer to family and individual judgment with respect to COVID-19 vaccination, masking, and other healthcare decisions that are optional for attending school.

Response for seasonal flu, cold, and other infectious illnesses. Please do not come to school if you are ill (meaning you have a fever), and please stay home until you have been fever-free, without medication, for 24 hours.

Response for positive COVID-19 test results. If you test positive for COVID-19, please do not come to school, regardless of vaccination status or masking, until it has been at least 5 days from the date of your positive test AND your symptoms have subsided for 24 hours (until you have been fever-free, without medication, for 24 hours).

Response for individuals exposed to someone with COVID-19. You may continue to attend school if you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 so long as you are not ill (no fever). If you test positive or become ill, you should follow the instructions above.

Accommodations for those who stay home when ill. At present, the school has no plans to accommodate online learning from its physical campuses for those who are temporarily ill. Rather, please simply communicate with the school office and faculty when you know that your child will be absent for temporary illness. Individuals temporarily at home for illness may work with teachers directly regarding homework, accommodations, and due dates. We encourage faculty to be flexible in their approach to students who stay home for health and safety reasons. Individuals needing longer-term accommodations are invited to enroll in AHS Worldwide programs, which are designed to support remote learners through parent-led, teacher-led, and student-led programs.

Masks and Other Personal Healthcare Decisions. We understand and are sensitive to the very personal reasons for which different individuals and families will vary in their responses to illness and health risks. We encourage patience and understanding on the part of all members of our community, and, although we do not require masks or COVID-19 vaccination, we express support for those whose choices are highly visible, including those who choose to wear masks.

The spirit of contention has no place in our school. We remember the Savior’s declaration to the Nephites that “the spirit of contention is not of me,” and that no matter how right we may feel we are, if we communicate in contention, we are in the wrong. We also encourage all in the school community to review the gospel topic essay on “Judging Others.”

Thank you, and best wishes for a safe and enjoyable winter!

AHS Health & Safety Committee