2020-21 Part-Time Options

Please Read: Thank you for helping us gather some final information before we conclude on the structures of reduced-price, part-time enrollment options at AHS next year. This short, four-question survey begins by sharing preliminary details about prices, schedules, and features. Please limit responses to one per household. If you know someone outside the AHS community who would like to take the survey, please feel free to forward to them a link to this page. Please know that we will be announcing a new refund policy soon so that you can confidently commit to one of these options for the fall without worrying about losing your summer tuition deposits if circumstances in the fall are not what you expected.

A household desiring to complete a full year’s scope and sequence of curriculum will have more home-based work with part-time enrollment and less home-based work with full-time enrollment. In providing a part-time enrollment option, AHS will provide either the Pilgrim Path or the Pilgrim Path Daily option (illustrated below), but not both. The Pilgrim Path option will require a little more home-based routine than the Pilgrim Path Daily option to provide for the frequency typically necessary to successfully pursue math and other technical, sequential subjects.

Pilgrim Path Schedules

Grades 1–3 Pilgrim Path

Grades 4–6 Pilgrim Path

Grade 7 Pilgrim Path

Grade 8 Pilgrim Path

Pilgrim Path Daily Schedules

Grades 1–3 Pilgrim Path Daily

Grades 4–6 Pilgrim Path Daily

Grade 7 Pilgrim Path Daily

Grade 8 Pilgrim Path Daily

AHS Pilgrim Path High School (Grades 9-12)

The schedule below provides one example of how a student might structure their schedule. Students have the latitude to structure any schedule within the following parameters:

  • 1 credit must be English
  • 1 credit must be History
  • Schedule must include 8th period Advisory on Wednesday
  • 1 credit is open for one or more elective courses
  • Seminary is an optional add-on
  • Resulting schedule must be contiguous (with no gaps between classes)