Vision Statement

The American Heritage Constitution & Civility Center envisions a society where Constitutional thinking and civic charity prevail.  We bring to life the stories of individuals who influenced and revered the Constitution and its ideals. We strive to expand Constitutional knowledge and civic engagement through experiential learning. In all of our teaching and learning, we work to re-enthrone moral self-government as the foundation of personal and civil liberty.

Key Initiatives

  1. Biographies/Stories. Identify, compile, and share biographical sketches and stories for K–6 and 7–12 students
  2. Experiential Learning. Engage students in simulations such as case studies, congressional simulations, current-event role plays; mock trials and conventions, etc.
  3. Inter-school Discourse & Exchange. Provide opportunities for students to engage in physical or virtual campus exchanges for the purpose of civil discourse with others who hold different political views.
  4. Teach students to conduct research from original sources, including the Quill Project.
  5. Constitution Education Resource Library. Establish and curate a collection of key books and articles written at the time of the American Founding and subsequent influential writing pertaining to the American Constitution and its ideals. Collect and circulate other resources to promote Constitution-oriented teaching and learning.
  6. Assemblies & Speakers. Invite government and education leaders in the community.   
  7. Student Publications. Provide a multi-media forum for student and faculty publishing on topics related to the Constitution and civic charity. Include a variety of disciplines such as art, music, writing, and video.
  8. Events & Courses for Students and Adults. Offer after-school and evening classes, video showings, colloquiums, and other events.
  9. Constitution Bees, Essay Contests, and Competitions.
  10. Museum of America’s Heritage. Create, curate, or host displays and exhibits with student docents presenting the stories of America’s history of Constitutional governance and civic charity. Collaborate with other museums to feature videos or exhibits on loan.
  11. Collaborate with Other Constitution Education Organizations. Collaborate with and provide opportunities arising from other Constitution education organizations.     

Other Ideas? Contact Co-Directors of the AHS Constitution & Civility Center, Jeff Hymas or David Hancock: or