Grandparent’s Day Schedule


Lunch and Recess: Normal lunch and recess times.

Note All Kindergarten-Sixth Grade activities will be in the homeroom class.  All First- Sixth grade teachers note that the same activities or program repeated two times at the times listed above.  Kindergarten will just have the program once.

K-6 Classroom Observations/Tours: Grandparents who are unable to attend in the morning or those who want to see the class participating in regular curriculum are invited to attend K-6 classes in the afternoon. Teachers will be teaching their normal classroom curriculum during the afternoon.  Mrs. Hendrickson and Admissions office will be available to give tours to grandparents who would like a tour.  Grandparents will go with their grandchild to any scheduled Specialty classes in the afternoon.

Refreshments: Room parents may provide light refreshments in each classroom if the teacher desires.

Tours: Tours of the school will be offered throughout the day for grandparents who would like a tour of the school.