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When: Thursday, Nov 2, 9–11 a.m.

Who: Meet with parents, students, and administrators to learn about what the American Heritage School experience is like for your children.

What: After you check in, you are invited to tour the campus and meet with members of our AHS community who will be happy to answer questions and share insights.

Where: American Heritage School, 736 N. 1100 E., American Fork, Utah 84003

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At American Heritage School, we completely open up our program so you and your child may observe everything in action. We typically spend up to an hour covering those sections of our campus of greatest interest to you. We love your questions and invite you to bring them with you. Our teachers and students are familiar with the occasional tour group quietly entering and observing their classroom for a few minutes.

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About American Heritage

American Heritage School is a K–12 private school serving 1,200 students on our 40-acre campus. Our core pillars are: Christian Character, Transformational Scholarship, & Responsible Liberty


Grades 1–12: 8:30 a. m.–3:10 p.m. (M-F)
Morning Kindergarten: 8:30–11:30 a.m.
Afternoon Kindergarten: Noon–3:10 p.m.


American Heritage School assists parents worldwide in developing the hearts, minds, and bodies of students to realize their divine potential. (see more)


Since its founding in 1970, American Heritage School has continued to flourish thanks to dedicated parents and students, capable administrators and teachers, and visionary donors. The school moved to its new (current) campus in 2002 and presently enrolls approximately 1200 students in grades K–12. (see more)


We offer a truly unique and powerful education experience—one that leverages rigorous academics in context of faith and Christian character to inspire the hearts and minds of each child, one by one. American Heritage employs time-tested and research-backed teaching methodologies that result in deep and lasting learning—transformational scholarship. As a dually accredited member of regional and national accreditation associations, we also continue to network with and learn from other outstanding private and public schools throughout the country. See “Our Method” for an overview and “K–12 Academics” for grade-specific details.


Athletics (see more)

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  • Volleyball

Fine Arts

ADMISSIONS Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it difficult to enroll a student? When is the best time to start the application process? Enrollment is not difficult provided your student can meet academic expectations or you are willing to provide the tutoring needed to meet those expectations. The best time to start the application process is in the fall prior to the school year in which you want your child to be enrolled. The on-line application is available year-round and may be completed at any time, however, there are priority deadlines that will determine in which wave of admission decisions your student is considered for enrollment.
  • What are incoming students tested on? We assess reading speed and comprehension, math computation, math concepts, grammar, spelling and writing.
  • Do you have an age requirement for kindergarten enrollment? A kindergarten student must turn 5 years old before September 1 of the school year in which he or she enrolls.
  • Why is your tuition so low compared to many other comparable private schools? American Heritage has a long history of sacrifice from generous donors who believe deeply in the value of the school’s mission. As a result, we have acquired a beautiful campus and buildings that are exclusively financed by donation revenue. Therefore, tuition dollars are needed only to cover day-to-day operational expenses. The school’s Board of Trustees has consistently prioritized keeping tuition low and only pursuing expansion or renovation projects after donor funding is in hand. The school holds no commercial debt.


American Heritage School
736 North 1100 East
American Fork, Utah 84003

Contact the Admissions Office at
Text: (801) 658-9838
Call: (801) 642-0055 ext 310
Call toll free: (800) 921-8752

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School Reviews

Derek Kenzie Kirk I LOVE this school!! I love their values and what they teach the kids! Definitely a school I want to send my kids to!


marykay fortie I started working at AHS three years ago. It is a wonderful school that offers students a rigorous education. The church related curriculum helps students and families encourage self governance and Christ like behavior, and supports religious teachings at home. The administration and teachers are kind and students feel welcomed every day.


Peggy Jansen Wonderful school!


Blake Jansen Wonderful school that provides my children an education in a spiritual environment, while gaining life skills and learning to discern truth from error. We feel AHS has blessed (and will continue to bless) our family immensely. Highly recommend taking a tour and see what the school is all about.

Dolores Riley As soon as you walk through the doors of American Heritage, you feel good. Students and staff greet each other in the hallway with smiles. The hallways are filled with picture of our country’s founding fathers as well as pictures of Christ. All of this reflect the vision of the school. When my daughter and son-in-law were considering placement of their two oldest grandchildren at AH, I went with her to visit the school. After 35 years in an educational career from that of a teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent, I knew what to look for in an exemplary school. We observed in the classrooms and spoke at length with the teachers and admissions director. I was very impressed with the school’s standards, expectations, and academics. Now that my grandchildren have finished their first year at AH, I am very pleased with their accomplishments, both academically and spiritually. I highly recommend American Heritage!

Katie Lawyer We have 4 children at AHS and every year we love it more and more! After 5 years here, we couldn’t be more grateful for the hard working, thoughtful, inspiring teachers. We have had great experiences with such kind and talented administrators. The principles we strive as parents to teach in our home such as Christlike Character, Liberty, Self government, love of learning, and the ability to reason and think for oneself are a consistent connection to what they learn at school! We have watched this build an incredible foundation in our childrens lives. Just come to campus and you can FEEL the difference! AHS has outstanding academics, and the BEST quality music and art classes. The choir and orchestra concerts are top notch! As a former elementary school teacher, I am always so impressed at how all my children with individual learning styles, can be challenged academically, yet have opportunities to shine in their own individual talents and interests. From robotics, to musical performance, and art to mathematics, AHS has SO much to offer! We recommend this school to everyone! 

Chrie Valadez We have had a wonderful experience with American Heritage. It has been refreshing to send my daughter to a school where she is cared for and loved by her teachers and peers. The environment on campus is uplifting and positive, which helps the learning process. It has been worth every penny.

Kristen Jansen American Heritage School has been a blessing to our family. My children have learned principles of self-governing, liberty, and Christlike character as they navigate the challenges that middle school brings. The faculty loves their students and strives to create the best learning environment possible. The curriculum is rigorous, but in a good way that encourages children to think outside the box and to learn responsibility for their own academic growth. We highly recommend others to “come and see” what AHS is all about!


Tatiana Smith This school is a dream come true for our family! Our daughter is being taught in an environment where she can safely learn with Christ at the center. The teachers, staff, and everyone is absolutely amazing and we know they all care and love our daughter. The school is so clean and also has a powerful spirit that is not felt in traditional school settings. We love it!


Diana Pack Everyone at American Heritage goes above and beyond! We have been very impressed with everything! We are so grateful our child has had the opportunity to attend here!


CaMarie Hoffman We have almost finished our first year at this school and we grow more and more amazed and committed to this place of light and learning each week! Our children have benefited so greatly from the amazing teachers, from being educated in the why’s of morality, as well as by being inspired by the high ideals of those who founded America and those who have led such valiant lives devoted to service to God and country- humanity! Our children have benefited from feeling safe here at AHS, and by being welcomed and respected as well as being taught, by example more than anything, how to be respectful. They’ve been uplifted by the curriculum and life-changing studies!!! Bravo, American Heritage, for offering what I believe has got to be the most the excellent education available today!! Signed, A Grateful Parent


Heather Hansen Love this school! It isn’t perfect , but it’s still amazing. We chose this school to try to get away from the bullying culture of other schools we’ve tried and we love the faith based culture that it prompted. We haven’t been disappointed, there is still little bouts of kiddos being mean to each other, but they teach the kids to stand up and report it. Any time my kids have come home with complaints of kids being mean, I reported it and it was handled ASAP and in a very tasteful manner. The academics are wonderful and the teachers are amazing. One of our kids has SCD and struggles with literacy and understanding language and his teacher has been such a blessing. She’s been his advocate and his cheerleader from day one and it shows in his progress. Our oldest was a little timid and shy and has blossomed. He thanks us everyday for his opportunity to go here!


Natalie Hunsaker Great moral and conservative values plus strong work ethics makes this a fantastic school for conscientious families.

Barbara Cromar My husband and I have had all 7 of our children at American Heritage School with a combined of almost 23 years! My kids got an excellent foundation of learning how to learn and they are doing well in their lives post-high school graduation. We have our last child at American Heritage now and are very happy there anticipating her graduation in a few years! You will not be disappointed when you decide to join the school and become involved with the wonderful people there!


Shannon Foster This school is absolutely amazing. The teachers truly care for the children and the academic standards are incredible. Every experience we have had has been so positive and we feel confident that our child is safe and cared for. Truly an amazing school.


Adam Cooney They have been great to work with and would highly recommend them.


Valerie O This school is such a blessing in our lives! We moved nearby so our children could attend. After 5 years, we are confident in the administration and staff and love the campus. Their mission makes us feel like the school is an extension of what we teach in our home and we are thrilled with where our children are academically. They are thriving and eager to go to school daily. We highly recommend the school!


Megan Woolston We have been at AHS for 11 years and love everything about our experience. We love the teacher, the administrators and the core values and mission of the school.

Maria Tedjamulia Incredible culture, curriculum, & faculty. Definitely among the TOP schools in Utah (and certainly the top school in Utah County, imo).


Ilima Todd One of the best decisions we’ve ever made is sending our kids to American Heritage. Two have graduated, and two are still attending. We love the faculty, the environment, and the fact that everything emphasized at school supports what we value at home. We especially appreciate the principle based and character focused education. The students there are just amazing. Highly recommended!

Melanie Todd I have loved the school ever since I learned about 15 years ago. My girls have been there for almost 12 years. It is one of the best decisions we have ever made.


Sandra Sosa American Heritage is an amazing school!! It’s full of goodness in every way. The administration and teachers are top notch and the students are the frosting on the cake! Together they all create such a great and uplifting environment to progress and learn in! I love it!!

Elizabeth Clark Our three daughters attend this school and we love it! This school not only educates children’s minds but also their hearts. Teachers assists us (parents) in helping our children build a good Christian character and a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The children learn all secular knowledge through the light of the Gospel. God and His Spirit are always welcomed in the classroom, this allows our children to learn by study, by faith and by the influence of the Holy Ghost. What can be better than this for parents who wish to see their children walk in truth. This is priceless to us. We feel honored to have the privilege to send our kids to this school.


Chrissy Sperry We’ve had children at American Heritage School for nine years and between all of our children- we’ve had experience in every grade at the school. All of our children have had positive experiences in what should’ve been a socially awkward and difficult stage of their adolescent lives. Each of our children are unique and have been appreciated for whatever strengths and talents they pursue. Whether my children have been interested in leadership, academics, robotics, drama, music, or sports-American Heritage offers something for everybody and your child can participate in whatever they’d like. The academics are appropriately difficult and have prepared my recent graduate for the rigors and academically challenging environment of college. Moving to Utah From Chicago, we were concerned about the ethnic diversity in Utah County. We were pleasantly surprised that our children are exposed to an array of cultures and even religions because of the exchange students who come to American Heritage School. American Heritage creates an open and honest environment where students trust their teachers and peers enough to have real life, stimulating conversations about politics, social issues and religious issues. Teachers encourage students to study both sides of the issues and then decide for themselves how they feel about each topic. In their discussions, because American Heritage is a private school, they don’t have to avoid religion, but weave the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints into their discussions. It really gives these youth an understanding of where they personally stand on these issues as well as an understanding of where those with a different opinion are coming from. American Heritage does an excellent job of instilling a love of God and Country. My children have a wonderful understanding of American History and they are proud to be citizens of this great country. The administration is always open to feedback and genuinely wants to keep improving in all areas as a school. Take a tour of the school and you will immediately feel the spirit that permeates within. Children are respectful of others, teachers genuinely love and want what is best for their students. When the school year is over, their love for my child does not end. It is very common for my children’s teachers to ask about the students they previously had in years past and keep up on their progress. I feel like each of my children have dozens of mentors who love and look after them! American Heritage School truly is a huge part of “the village” that is helping me raise my children and I am grateful for the opportunity that our family has had to partake of the blessings which this school is providing!


Jenny Bosco I absolutely love American Heritage School. We have been attending the school for 9 years now (5 children of varying ages). It is such a safe environment for both students and parents to send your children to. I have found them to be very helpful all around in helping raise our children. I love the teachers and staff there which really are our “village”. There are a few teachers where I consider them an extension of me, my kids “school moms” in a sense, and I am so grateful for that trust that I have in them. I’m grateful for the values that are taught that reflect what we are trying to teach at home as well. I will always recommend American Heritage to anyone. It is an amazing school!


Mike Petersen Our children travel nearly 1 hour each way everyday to attend this school and have done so for the past 7 years. Four of them have graduated and 3 more currently attend. The knowledge, skills, and testimonies they have gained by attending AHS has been worth the sacrifice.


Susan Ostler We love this school. For the last 15 years our children have benefited from a sound educational curriculum based on principles that help develop Christian character. These principles are the ones we teach in our home. This makes a great partnership when your children are gone over 30 hours a week. The method of 4ring used throughout each grade is so helpful as a tool to seek truth and applying it to their lives. The high expectations coupled with compassion have made a huge difference for our children who needed extra direction. I would recommend this school as a great resource for your family.


Clark Pew We love this school and how it has affected our children for the better!

Peter Knecht I’ve always said that this school may not be the right school for all your children every year, but it’s the right school for every child at some point in their lives. Our family has utilized their campus and their online homeschool curriculum and it’s blessed all of us immeasurably and especially during those difficult middle school years. “As the twig is bent, so growth the tree.” Thank you American Heritage for helping them grow “straight!”


Melissa M We have been driving 30 minutes each way to commute to this school for five years. We plan on staying until all of our children have graduated. You will not find a better school anywhere, trust me, we tried. Children learn a culture of caring and giving here in addition to the fantastic curriculum. Every teacher, every staff member, is meticulously vetted and trained to give children the ideal learning experience. I have never met a group of such compassionate and caring individuals as those who teach at AHS. I could not be happier or more satisfied, and will continue to put miles on my minivan to give my children this unique experience. It’s the best investment I have ever made.


Granny Enchanted I love this wonderful school. I love their principle-based curriculum. Their teaching method has character development in mind. As my children have grown into adulthood I’ve watched them benefit time and again from the principles and learning methods they learned there. They have truly become life-long learners who can think critically for themselves. The emphasis the school has on citizenship has blessed not only our children but the whole atmosphere of our home. We are very proud of the way they interact with others. The school’s mission is alive in all that they do. It is evident as teachers, administrators, and staff all work together with one vision to bless the children and youth. Sending our children to American Heritage School has been one of the best investments we could have ever made for our children and we will always be thankful to them for their contribution to our parenting goals.

Holmstead Family We love American Heritage School! It is a blessing for our family. We are so grateful to attend a school where developing the heart, mind and body of the student is the goal. We love the mission of American Heritage!


Michael Dunn We have two children (10 & 17)at American Heritage School, and we and they love it. It’s such a great learning environment, and we feel very fortunate to be able to be part of it.


Shalae Brown We love, love, love this school! We have considered moving several times, but never can do it because we can’t take American Heritage with us…unless we do the American Heritage homeschool Program, which I have 100% confidence is amazing, just worried about the teacher’s patience ;) I highly recommend this school!


Anthony Bott We currently have five children attending American Heritage School and our oldest has attended AHS for eight years. If you are looking for a school where your child/children can be supported in developing faith in Jesus Christ, be self-governed, and get a great education, I highly recommend going to this school. Take a tour of the school to find out for yourself if it’s right for you. In my tour eight years ago I saw the light of Christ in the eyes of the high school students that I saw and later that week I read the seniors theses and decided then I wanted my children to attend a school that fostered that kind of learning and growth. We hope to continue to have our children attend and graduate from American Heritage School.


Amy Pelo This school has changed my children and our family in incredible ways. If you want academic rigor, incredibly supportive peers, and teachers committed to the success of your child then apply for admission NOW. We sold our home and left a city we loved to relocate JUST to attend AHS. It has been worth every sacrifice.

Melisa Hendrickson This is our 9th year at American Heritage School! It is wonderful to have our children immersed in a setting that re-enforces everything we try to teach at home. My children are learning self-government, respect for others and themselves, respect for our country and its Founding Fathers, as well as their role in God’s plan. They are becoming leaders, and learning to make learning a life-long pursuit. My youngest son said the other day, “Mom, I love American Heritage because I can really tell the teachers there LOVE to teach!”


Rebecca van der Beek Absolutely the best investment we have ever made.

Kim Mantz Swallow” You should come take a tour!” That is what I tell friends who ask what I think of my children’s school. It is difficult to convey the unique atmosphere at American Heritage School. Much sacrifice has gone into its creation and continues to be made by families, teachers and staff to be able to be a part of the special environment at AHS. A place where God is welcome in class discussions and history is taught with original sources. Saxon math, ABeka grammar, and classical literature are taught with high standards and may have been what brought us to the school years ago but it is the commitment to nurturing the minds and the hearts of the children that keeps our family attending and inviting others to consider what AHS has to offer. So I say to all who are curious, come see for yourself. Visit a few classrooms. Observe teachers. Explore the literature. Skim the texts. Talk to students. Ask what they think of their school. Join the middle and high school students for lunch. Walk their hallways while changing classes. Go out to recess. Listen to the music in a choir class. Feel the Spirit during a school program. Experience for yourself AHS’s unique mission in action. It really is something special.



Kaycee Clark Amazing I really feel the spirit there!!! Hope it lasts a long time.


Melanie Dewey Our children have been at AHS for eight years now. We absolutely love it! Everything we teach at home is reinforced and modeled at school. We have had difficult experiences here too, but the administration really listens to parents and tries to address concerns as quickly as possible. The teachers are wonderful, the campus is beautiful. It is a privilege to be able to be apart of this school community. 

Brooke Weston Brockbank Truth is taught. When learning is accompanied by the Holy Ghost amazing growth happens. I am so thankful my two boys were able to come here. The conversations they bring home to our family are wonderful. They are teaching us!!

Elisabeth jacob acuña I have had six children at this school. The teachers are caring and supportive. I feel that they know each of my children, appreciate their strengths and overlook their failings. They lovingly educate my children’s hearts and minds!

Mark Welcker Just a fantastic school all around. I have two kids that attend, one who is now in jr high and has attended since kindergarten. I ask them each year if they would like to keep attending and they both say yes without hesitation. We don’t force them, it’s their choice. They learn in a Christian environment. Those who are not Christian are still welcome to attend but need to agree to live by the honor code that is based on Christian values. The pace of learning and homework load can be accelerated at times from a traditional public school, however, these kids leave prepared for college and life. The kids typically test higher than at state and national averages. All of the expected academic disciplines are taught along with religious values which helps to reinforce what is being taught at home. This helps the kids to develop a strong moral compass at a young age as they learn to be self governed. Full Disclosure- This school is not a great fit for kids who have a hard time with abiding by rules and structure. The kids are expected to behave and learn. If your child fits these parameters then he/she will likely have a wonderful experience and enjoy their time at American Heritage!

Leland Anderson This is a great school. Children are nurtured by loving teachers, mentors, and administrators, and the parents feel supported and validated in their academic and moral goals for their children. The faculty, administration, and staff share common vocabulary, vision, methods, and goals in a unified way across all grade levels and subject departments. The school offers practical methods and principles that have changed my family’s life in profound, positive ways. The principal is a visionary leader who continually exemplifies excellent communication. The administrative team is helpful and effective. The teachers and students influence and inspire my children to become of good character in all activities of life. American Heritage School does this and much more. It is truly a great school! 

Brett Watters I usually do not leave reviews but please read if you are considering this school. Please do not send your child here. It is a horrible school using the face of the LDS church to promote high academics. If you call high academics memorizing school articles then this is the place. Because other than that there academics are a joke. I put my son in this school he Made friends was doing great, then one teacher we’ll call him Mr. H, decided that my son should leave the school, and all he had to say was I quote ” What do you expect me to do” like he was suppose to be a teacher or something… There was no meeting to talk about it just a call to come in, then tell me they wanted him to leave. Plus they were going to call him down to the office to tell him that they were kicking him out of the school basically because he wasn’t good enough, according to one teachers standard, until I put a stop to it. 

Sheri Black I was inspired! The speakers were knowledgeable and inspiring! The campus is beautiful!


Emmy Lou Jensen Killinger Excellent School, fantastic staff and I felt the spirit there. I wish there was a way that more average families could afford to attend, we would definitely consider it for our son!


Leland Anderson American Heritage School is one of the finest schools anywhere. The culture is one of unity in the principles of kindness, liberty, and scholarship. I’m so glad my children and our family have been blessed by the faculty, administration, staff, and programs of this exceptional school.


Kaylee Vlogs It has amazing teachers and curriculum

Connie.J. Foutz Absolutely wonderful school! Caring, professional administrators and teachers with an outstanding curriculum. The music and other programs are amazing!

Rebecca Webb We are so excited to attend this school. I have been impressed every step of the way through the admissions and assessment process and the love and encouragement that have given my children. I am so glad they are against using common core and using traditional math and I love that they incorporate God into their classrooms. I wish there were more schools like this available out there.

Jacob Householder Incredible school. I was completely blown away and totally impressed by the administrators and programs at American Heritage.


Savannah Stirling Best school ever

Deanna Bingham We need more schools like this around the world. The future of the world needs children who have been taught good character, moral principles, how to be good leaders, how to serve others and have been taught truth. God is in every fiber of our lives even education. I am so thankful I have been able to teach here for 12 years.

Steven Espinoza American Heritage School is an organization that lives and breathes their Mission Statement. From the Chairman of the Board to the smallest Kindergarten student, all are expected (and do) live by that document! If you get the chance, stop in for a tour or attend an event. You will leave a better person than you were before after doing so!

Gloria Garcia It’s fantastic this school!! Thank you so much for everything and thank teachers for giving me and I help me every time! Already; thank you! I was very happy!!!


Holly Welch This school changed my life! I am so grateful for what I was taught and the friendships I formed.


Hannah Bingham An AMAZING school, where you can learn the gospel and just be you!!


Ben DuBravac They are a great school! But they force you to think a certain way and they say that they let you use you’re agency but really they want you to do it a certain way, therefore taking away you’re agency.


Ashleigh Hansen I have two children attending, and soon a third. It far surpasses my expectations on- what is and how it is taught, is amazing. There is a safety and love felt in the halls of this school that can’t be described.


Sandra Bencich Mantz Wonderful learning environment that also teaches strong Christian values

Lindy Taylor Three of my four children have spent time in this school, and all of them have loved it. They still teach cursive and the classics and traditional math (!) with actual text books that you don’t have to read a thousand times and finally discover they aren’t trying to tell you how to do it, but how to figure it out- and you may never know if you actually figured it out. (Can you tell I’ve had it with the “new” math programs that have infiltrated our educational system?) Even if you can only afford a year here and there, as with 2 of my kids, that year can make a HUGE difference in their lives! The school is so much more than good methodology. They teach with power and with discernment and with the Spirit of the Lord. If you want a very clear cut and pure (as pure as humans can attain) educational experience that is traditional and thorough and teaches the kids to reach a little higher, this is the right choice for you.

Elizabeth Henderson My children love this school! I have an 11th grade boy and a 9th grade girl. They were in public school until the 8th and 10th grade. I was not happy with what was being taught in the public school, so I pulled them out. They thank me still, for putting them in this school, and considering their age that speaks volumes to me. I love this school.