Current patrons who have fulfilled their service hour commitment and have timely submitted their
application (typically prior to the last day of January) are given first priority.
New students are accepted based on the following criteria:
1. Students new to the school who have siblings currently enrolled at American Heritage School
2. Space availability in classroom (see policy regarding Waiting Lists below)
3. Strength of interview with administration
4. Academic standing (see policy regarding Academic Standing below)

Waiting Lists

American Heritage School accepts a certain number of students per class. When a class has been fully
seated, a waiting list is created. Students who would otherwise be admitted if a seat were available will
be added to the waiting list for that class. Admission from a waiting list is NOT first-come-first-served;
rather, when a seat opens in a class, administration will choose what it believes to be the applicant
(parents and child viewed together) that best fulfills the admission criteria and best personifies the
mission statement of American Heritage School. All waiting lists expire at the end of each academic year
and are re-established in connection with the annual application process.

Academic Standing

Prior to admittance, the School reviews the academic standing of a student to avoid putting a child in a
grade level for which the child is unprepared. American Heritage School does not have the resources to
offer specialized academic assistance for those students who are significantly below grade level.
Consequently, students who require substantial or specialized in-class help will generally not qualify for
acceptance to the School. In limited circumstances, factors such as private tutoring (at the additional
expense of the family) and significant parental involvement, when taken together with other admission
criteria, may result in acceptance of a student who has special needs or who is performing significantly
below grade level. If a student has tested below grade level in some areas, but exhibits average or
above-average performance in other areas, the student may still qualify for acceptance.


All students are expected to abide by the School’s Honor Code, and are expected to conduct themselves
in all aspects of life as Christians. Successful students:
• Use good manners and polite speech. Use of profanity or other offensive language will result in
automatic suspension in grades 7-12. Repeated use will result in permanent dismissal from the
• Treat all students and teachers with respect. Belittling or making fun of others will not be
• Are honest and truthful in all dealings.
• Accept corrections respectfully.
• Display a good and positive attitude.
• Maintain a minimum of 2.0 (C-) academic grade point average beginning in the Fourth grade.
• Adhere to the teachings set forth in “My Gospel Standards” and “For the Strength of Youth,”
published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Adherence to these standards is
expected on and off campus.


• All families new to the School are required to have a family interview with Administration. Both
parents (or legal guardians) and those children desiring to attend American Heritage School
must attend this interview.
• Returning families who are enrolling a new student are required to have an admission interview
with the new student, both parents and an Administrator.
• All returning 7th and 9th Grades students can expect to have a family interview with
Administration, including both parents and the student.
• After you turn in your completed application, you will be contacted regarding the interview.

Academic Evaluation

• Report Cards and Transcripts Required. All new students applying for admission to Grades 1-9
will need to provide the most recent Report Card from their previous school, and students
applying for Grades 10-12 must provide a Transcript.
• Full Academic Assessment Required for Students Applying for Grades 1 – 12. All new applicants
must be assessed at the School. The assessment fee is $45 per student and includes a full
battery of subject matter evaluation in math, reading, spelling, and writing and also includes a
written summary of results. After a successful Admission Interview, you will be contacted to
schedule an Assessment.
• Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Required. All Kindergarten applicants must be evaluated for
basic Kindergarten readiness. Kindergarten Readiness Assessments will be conducted at the
School. The assessment fee for Kindergarten Readiness Assessments is $20 per student. After a
successful Admission Interview, you will be contacted to schedule an Assessment.

Dress Code

In keeping with principles of unity, modesty, and focus — students will wear uniforms as outlined in the
American Heritage School Uniform Policy. Parents agree to purchase uniforms in conformity with
specified instructions in the uniform policy. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to understand the
uniform policy, monitor their children’s compliance with the policy, and to order uniforms far enough in advance that the dress code is followed beginning with the first day of school.

Non-discrimination Notice: American Heritage School does not discriminate against any employee, student, employee applicant
or student applicant because of race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical and/or mental disability.