Teacher Gratitude Videos


At the close of this 2020-2021 school year, we are collecting gratitude videos for our teachers as a tribute and “thank you” for all they do… and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Please share a short video message from you and/or your child expressing your thoughts & feelings from this school year.  If you have more than one student, please share a video for each teacher.

This does NOT need to be professional or polished – just pick up your phone and record, it’s that easy! We want to collect as many videos for our teachers as possible.

Thank you for helping your teacher feel your love at the close of this school year!

K-8 Homeroom Teachers

KinderBRADDY, ReneéRecord/Upload Video
KinderREED, SariahRecord/Upload Video
KinderSTRONG, LindaRecord/Upload Video
1st GradeBINGHAM, CynthiaRecord/Upload Video
1st GradeDAVIS, RachelRecord/Upload Video
1st/2nd GradeCARVER, Lynette (AM)Record/Upload Video
1st/2nd GradeJANSEN, Kristen (AM)Record/Upload Video
1st/2nd GradePEEL, Trish (AM ESSENTIALS)Record/Upload Video
2nd GradeDAVIS, JaneRecord/Upload Video
2nd GradeMCCONKIE/ PEELRecord/Upload Video
3rd GradeMcINTYRE, AngieRecord/Upload Video
3rd GradeWILSON, CaseyRecord/Upload Video
3rd/4th GradePACKER, RachelleRecord/Upload Video
4th GradeARNOLD, JulieRecord/Upload Video
4th GradeGORRELL, DeniseRecord/Upload Video
4th GradePEW, AmandaRecord/Upload Video
5th GradeCORNELL, JaredRecord/Upload Video
5th GradeCORY, BethanyRecord/Upload Video
5th/6th GradeNIELSEN, KerryRecord/Upload Video
6th GradeFALLON, AmyRecord/Upload Video
6th GradeRANDALL, JereamieRecord/Upload Video
6th GradeSALVESEN, JaneneRecord/Upload Video
7th GradeBURR, JennyRecord/Upload Video
7th GradeCROSSLEY, TyRecord/Upload Video
7th GradeSTIRLING, LaureaRecord/Upload Video
7th/8th GradeHYMAS, JeffRecord/Upload Video
8th GradeBACK, StuRecord/Upload Video
8th GradeRIKER, KeishaRecord/Upload Video
8th GradeYAMADA, LauraRecord/Upload Video

7-12 Math Teachers

HEINER, CamilleRecord/Upload Video
LARSEN, ShawnellRecord/Upload Video
MEADE, JeffreyRecord/Upload Video
SMITH, TyRecord/Upload Video
WOOD, SamuelRecord/Upload Video

High School  English/History Teachers

CROSSLEY, HeidiRecord/Upload Video
DYE, BrighamRecord/Upload Video
EARNEST, JacobRecord/Upload Video
HALVERSON, EmilyRecord/Upload Video
HANCOCK, DavidRecord/Upload Video
HALVERSON, EmilyRecord/Upload Video
HILMO, TessRecord/Upload Video

K-12 Specialty Subject Teachers

ADAMS, RohanAP Biology, AP Chemistry, Chemistry, GeneticsRecord/Upload Video
ANDERSON, Juanita5-6 Keyboarding, Computer SkillsRecord/Upload Video
ANDERSON, RyanBiology, MAPRecord/Upload Video
ANDREASEN, JosephP.E., Basketball Fundamentals, Computer TechRecord/Upload Video
ATCHISON, RachelAmerican Sign LanguageRecord/Upload Video
BONNER, YahoshP.E. Grades 3-5, Basketball FundamentalsRecord/Upload Video
BUER, DavidDigital MediaRecord/Upload Video
CLARK, JacobScience Grades 7-8Record/Upload Video
CLARK, JayStage Craft, Technical TheatreRecord/Upload Video
CULVER, ChristineArt Grades 7-12Record/Upload Video
DEBIRK, AlexPhysics, AP Physics and Introduction to Engineering Record/Upload Video
HAYMOND, RuelScience Grades K-2Record/Upload Video
HILL, LaurelScience Grades K-2Record/Upload Video
HYMAS, JeffConstitutional StudiesRecord/Upload Video
KELLEY, Nikki7-8 Grade ScienceRecord/Upload Video
LAPRAY, StephanieSpanishRecord/Upload Video
LOGAN, KarenScience Grades 3-6Record/Upload Video
MANNING, NicholasSeminaryRecord/Upload Video
McOMBER, BarbaraBallroomRecord/Upload Video
OTTESON, DeborahMusic Grades K-5Record/Upload Video
PACKER, Madelynn3-4 KeyboardingRecord/Upload Video
PARKER, JanArt K-6Record/Upload Video
PERRY, JohanneDrama, SpeechRecord/Upload Video
SMITH, BrianAthletic Conditioning, Health, K-2 P.E.Record/Upload Video
SMITH, Mattie6th Grade Music, Drama, French, PhotographyRecord/Upload Video
SWENSON, RobA Cappella, Grades 7-8 Choir, Music ExplorationRecord/Upload Video
TOLMAN, BlairSeminaryRecord/Upload Video
WINITANA, PaoraP.E. Grades 6-12, Varsity BasketballRecord/Upload Video