6–12 Math Adjustments

To avoid the immense expense of creating a math curriculum from scratch, we have decided to purchase an off-the-shelf product and adapt it to our needs. That adaptation includes not just determining how we use the curriculum but also how we supplement and complement it with other resources that fill gaps. Below is a summary of adjustments made thus far.

1st Semester Adjustments

  • Supplemental Videos – Supplemental videos available on Veracross are categorized by unit and lesson, they are usually 20-25 minutes in length, and they put the student in the driver’s seat with the ability to pause and replay as needed. Using these videos as a tier-one home support allows parents to act as a tier-two support if desired. Visit our Learning Support page for details.
  • Specialized Tutors – The school sought out tutors who were specifically trained in our curriculum to be available for parents wanting that proficiency in their chosen tutor. Visit our Tutoring page for details.

2nd Semester Adjustment (effective at start of 4th term)

  • Study Hall Enhancements – We are ensuring that study hall is supervised all seven periods by a faculty member who is competent to assist math learners, allowing study hall to function somewhat like a math lab where students can get in line for one-on-one help.
  • Free Independent Study Courses – Those choosing ahsworldwide.org as their independent study provider can enroll free of cost (course fee + textbook). Math Courses offered by AHW include I Master Math in sixth grade math (through the Family School program), and the following Saxon courses: Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2 (through the Scholar Connect program).
  • Middle School Study Hall – Middle School students may now enroll in high school study hall if they wish to do independent study math on campus during the school day.

Looking Forward

  • Implementation Committee Formation – We are forming a special task force focused on tightening the feedback loop so adjustments can be made faster and both the magnitude and duration of struggle can be shortened. We need parents on this committee; interested parents can contact Mr. Hale directly at chale@ahsmail.com.