Planting the Seeds of Learning

At American Heritage School, we partner with parents to engage the whole child—mind, body, and spirit.

With our small classroom sizes of no more than 18 students, each child receives the guidance and nurturing he or she needs from our experienced and caring teachers.

We combine character development, high learning standards, and a love of liberty to produce exceptional outcomes for students and families:

  • Average reading skills for our kindergarteners are at the second grade level by the end of kindergarten.
  • In math, students learn addition and gain a solid understanding of the number system, patterns, time, money, and basic geometry.
  • Most importantly, children feel loved, inspired, and confident in our classrooms. They take hold of precious truths through memorization of 17 recitations, such as Psalm 100.

“I love the American Heritage School curriculum because it reinforces what is being taught at church and in our home. It makes character development so much more successful when there is continuity of learning in all areas of my children’s lives.”

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Kindergarten Tuition

Half Day: $3,960

Full Day: $6,120

Extra-Curricular Options

Heritage Youth Choir

Lyceum Youth Orchestra

Book Group


Kindergarten Curricular Overview

  • Math

    Right Start Math using manipulatives including the abacus in preparation for First Grade Saxon Math

  • Reading

    Spalding Language Program utilizing phonograms to teach reading, spelling, and sentence making/diagramming

  • Geography

    Learn all seven continents, various cultures, peoples, and animals

  • History

    Comprehensive overview from the pre-mortal realm to the present

  • Literature

    Classic literature including fairytales, Winnie the Pooh, Felix Salten’s Bambi, Little House in the Big Woods, and Shakespeare

  • Art

    Students learn color theory, value, shape, and texture and use multiple mediums of art

  • Music

    Provides musical growth in singing ability, rhythm, aural perception, creativity, and spiritual development

  • Science

    Science focuses on the five senses and chemistry

  • PE

    Games and movement in a structured, collaborative environment

In-depth: Core Classroom Experiences

In-depth: Specialty Classroom Experiences