Inspiring Minds

Our measurable outcomes provide evidence of our academic rigor. But, in relaying scholastic knowledge, our ends are not limited to conveying past or current facts, some of which may become dated or obsolete in future years. Rather, our highest aim is to give students the skills and the experiences necessary to develop the love of learning that leads toward self-directed, lifelong education. With such an orientation toward scholarship, our students are prepared to keep pace with the inevitable changes and advancements that will be part of their exciting and demanding future.


“The heart is the high road to the mind.” Our teachers are passionate not only about their subjects, but more importantly, about their students. This is evidenced by their design and re-design of curriculum that is intended to reach the hearts of the particular students that fall within their stewardship. Rather than relying solely upon the aid of a textbook, almost all subjects at American Heritage are taught by a master teacher, a “chief learner,” who is continually expanding their own knowledge of the subject and involving their students in the joy of that journey. AHS faculty are also highly oriented toward Experiential Learning as an ideal medium for discovery.

In the Light of the Restored Gospel

Our ability to leverage the restored gospel in all aspects of teaching and learning provides an ideal vehicle for explaining the “why” before we seek to convey the “what” and the “how” of our curriculum.  Further, the restored gospel provides a comprehensive context for the broader and deeper purposes of teaching and learning, which context remains consistent and takes on more significant meaning as a student progresses along the K-12 experience. The light of the restored gospel provides the lens through which students learn to love God, love their neighbors, assess philosophies, consider past events, and weigh future opportunities.